The Hologenesis Program

Responding to the Call . . .


A Philosophical, Theoretical & Practical Approach to Awakening, Purification & Flowering

Integrating non-dual teachings with mind-emotion healing and transformation.

  • Meditation
  • Presence
  • Mind-Release

We are dedicated to inner Freedom. To slip the tyrany of fear that enslaves us due to the ego's desire to survive at all costs. The Ego, the animal instinctive desire for survival lived out through the mind, has as its prime directive, Survive. Using various strategies, programs, the Ego then tries to protect itself with various emotions. As we begin to see these for what they are, strategies of survival, they can be released and the essential I Am revealed.

Our gatherings facilitate the opening into Presence while exploring and releasing the fixations in consciousness (images, values, decisions, beliefs, emotions, attitudes and strategies) that take us from Presence.

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