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2010 Mind-Release Workshop Cycle

Next Intensive November 13, from 10 to 5


  • We all suffer from unresolved negative emotions that adversely affect us.
  • We all have troubling memories that can be triggered at any moment.
  • Suffering is created by the mind; and we often do not know how to stop it.
  • Learning how to free your mind helps you change your experience of life.

  • A two day intensive for understanding & releasing negative emotions & limiting beliefs.
  • Spend a day in the field of presence while learning to free your mind.
  • Learn how the mind creates suffering and how to stop it.
  • Learn how to open to your True Self

  • By recontextualizing what a human is.
  • By recontextualizing what the mind is.
  • By recontextualizing what emotions are.
  • Learn and practice processes that release emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Directly experience the release of painful emotions by changing your mind.
  • Guided meditation to help in realizing your true Self.

What If?
  • You could be happier and more at peace.
  • You could experience more inner joy.
  • You could resolve old emotional wounds.
  • You could experience the True You!


Dear Friends,
This note is to let you know of the 2010 cycle of the Mind-Release Approach (MRA).

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions on December 31 only to begin to fail shortly thereafter. Why is that?

The main reason that we cannot keep our resolutions or achieve our other goals in life is that the conscious cognitive part of the mind (CCM) sets the plan but the unconscious part of the mind (UCM) has to carry it out.

When ever there is a conflict between the CCM and UCM the UCM wins. No contest. The real power is in the UCM and it is the learning of how to tap into this power that often makes the difference between a Loving, Abundant, Healthy Happy life and a life that is filled with fear, lack, pain and suffering. Never really living up to our potential.

By now all of you have likely come to understand that a key to happiness is deciding to take responsibility for your experience of life and to end the belief that we are victims. As a victim you have no power so the first step is to decide to take responsibility for your life.

The next key, once you take responsibility is to learn HOW you are creating your experience. When you see how you create your experience you begin to have the power to change it. And what is it that changes? It is your current way of thinking and acting.

This is where the Mind-Release Approach comes in. MRA is a powerful tool for uncovering and changing the core components of the mind that lead to the results that we get. The 2008 cycle of MRA will start with an introduction of the Approach with all the latest enhancements that allow the process to go quicker, deeper and bring about more profound change. Over a series of 7 sessions in six months we will dive deeply into the content and structure of the mind bringing into consciousness whatever is not working.

How does this work?

We combine deep states of presence with inquiry to uncover the toxic, destructive, non-resourceful, stressful and unloving images, values, decisions, beliefs, emotions, attitudes and strategies that lead to suffering. Once uncovered and brought into consciousness it is possible to, neutralize this content and then replace it with more resourceful programs.

My personal experience over the last years with myself, patients and with groups is that this is a powerful life changing process with profound results. Those who have already worked with this process know what I mean.

As many of you know, I have devoted most of my adult life to exploring, practicing and teaching in this arena. Although I have been exposed to and used numerous tools over the years, none of them really compare to the power and profound influence that MRA has.

About Dr. Steven Forrest

After many years of work in esoteric schools and intense daily practice a series of openings revealed the possibility of directly experiencing deep levels of Presence and the realization of oneself as the underlying awareness.

Steven shares a three-fold approach of meditation, inquiry and presence as a means of opening into the mystery of the Self and of surrendering to the Self I Am.

He is the founder of Hologenesis and the Mind-Release Approach, dedicated to the awakening to our own true nature. He has been working with individuals and groups for the past ten years.

Dr. Forrest is a meditation teacher, writer, lecturer, Hyponotist, Clinical Nutritionist and Doctor of Chiropractic.

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November 13, from 10 to 5

From 10 am – 5 pm


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